Who we are

We work with our favourite brands and value each of them. We are inspired by mountains, oceans, cities and people. We create ambitious projects, We set goals and reach them.

And yes! we snowboard, skate, surf, jog and keep on the move. Sometimes we criticize ourselves for being too perfect, but working with us is easy and interesting.


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Extreme Sports Awards 2005, Best Distributor of the Year

At the “Extreme Nation” festival of alternative sports, music and street culture, the first Russian National Award for best achievements in extreme sports and related business,“Extreme Sports Awards 2005,” declared YUMA to be Best Distributor of the Year.

Diploma for Marin Modin’s Cup competition support powered by Gatorade

In 2006 YUMA actively participates in cycling life with Oakley and supports the Olympic cross-country Russian Multi-step competition Marin Modin's Cup powered by Gatorade.

Oakley declares YUMA distributor of the year.

In 2010, Oakley declares YUMA as distributor of the year for being super active in all kinds of ways: creation of a team of talented athletes representing Oakley, supporting dozens of events, opening a mono-brand store and getting an award for excellent work and brand development in the Russian Federation is easy!

Prize for the most efficient and high-quality work among all Burton brand distributors.

YUMA receives a unique snowboard from Burton as a prize for the most effective and high-quality work among all distributors of the brand in organizing the 2011/12 winter season. The snowboard is presented to Yuri Kolobov by Jake Burton in person.

Gratitude from VestaBank as 3Sport Sprint triathlon competition organizers

YUMA began  to support amateur races and triathlon competitions far before it became trendy to participate in these events. In 2012, VestaBank the organizers of the  3Sport Sprint competition award a diploma with gratitude to the distributor of Oakley and personally to YUMA employees Yulia Makeeva and Ilya Shevchenko for helping organize the event.

FGSSR diploma for the project Burton 13 Parks Tour and for input into developing the snowboard industry through Russian skiing and snowboarding.

For more than ten years, thanks to YUMA, snowboarders representing Russia at international competitions were equipped with the best Burton equipment. In 2012, Denis Tikhomirov, President of the Russian Snowboarding Federation, awards YUMA a diploma for its input in the development of alpine skiing and snowboarding in Russia.

The title of bronze medalist in the Kicker Business League championship

On the popularity line-up of kicker (table football), one appeared in YUMA and stole the hearts of all the staff during coffee-breaks. In 2013, the YUMA team received the title of bronze winner of the Kicker Business League championship - the first tournament in Russia among large companies' employees

Russian Snowboard Awards

YUMA wins the Russian Snowboard Awards for the project Burton 13 Parks Tour and for the development of the Russian snowboard industry. One can call it an Oscar in the world of Russian snowboarding.

First place in the Kicker Business League championship, 2014

The YUMA team wins first place in the Kicker Business League championship, 2014. Outperforming the other 63 participants, YUMA employees won a trip to Lisbon for the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE finals, as well as a HEINEKEN brand refrigerator that still stands in the YUMA offices.

National Best Gift Awards, 2015

High quality and its leading position in the snowboarding industry allowed Burton to become  the winner of the Russian National Best Gift Awards, 2015. Burton products were considered the best gift in the Sports category.

Charity Run: The Running Hearts

YUMA, together with the GoPro brand, is a permanent partner of the Adidas Charity Run “The Running Hearts.” In 2016, The Running Hearts managed to raise 37 millions rubles, a record amount for a charity run, and 10,000 people took part in the event. The achievements of each participant are saved in videos created by YUMA’s Camera Crew.

Gratitude of the proper running School I LOVE RUNNING

157 people tested the premium running shoes Hoka One One during the first month following the launch of official distribution of the brand by YUMA. And among the first there were students and tutors of the proper running School I LOVE RUNNING.

Moscow City Games' gratitude for active participation

Through the lenses of the GoPro cameras, YUMA's Camera Crew tells the exciting history of the development of extreme sports in Russia. In 2016, the organizers of the largest competitions of the year, the Moscow City Games, expressed their gratitude for the company’s active participation.

Diploma for contribution to the development of the Russian bicycle industry and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle

YUMA's project GoProSchool has been holding workshops on shooting cycling already for two years and during Velokino fest'16 for the first time we presented a film about MTB (mountain bike) culture in Russia. We value the success and public respect represented by the diploma for active participation in the festival, contribution to the development of the Russian bicycle industry and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Special award for contribution to the running life and developing the amateur triathlon in Russia

YUMA has been supporting IRONSTAR, cycling sports competitions, from the very first starts. In 2016, the Oakley brand became the National Outfitter of the IRONSTAR team, and GoPro became the official camera of a series of the events. Yuri Kolobov was given a special prize for his contribution to the running life of the country, the development of amateur triathlon in Russia and support of the IRONSTAR team. In the same year, Yuri became the ideological inspirer of the unique ROSA RUN project.

Gratitude of the ELTON VOLGABUS ULTRA TRAIL team

OAKLEY brand became a partner of the ELTON VOLGABUS ULTRA TRAIL marathon that passes around the largest salty Elton lake, and received an expression of gratitude from the team for the support.

Awesome GoPro Showreel

During the GoPro meeting in Morocco in May, Yuri Kolobov and YUMA won second place in the competition for the most atmospheric video about the company's activities and marketing projects of the Russian Crew. YUMA's Showreel 2017 was greeted with applause and admiring exclamations by Western colleagues.