Burton Local Crew

The Burton Local Crew program is aimed at motivating riders from all over Russia to unite into small “teams” or crews, and ride together, take photos and videos, increase their level of riding. Since 2011, during each season, the top 5 teams from different regions of Russia have told their stories and showed their level of skill in a final video profile. The main prize of the Burton Local Crew finals is a set of Burton snowboards for all the team members, and of course,  the most important thing people got was the invaluable experience of being a team during the season.
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Burton Youngsters

YUMA supports Russian young riders. Burton Youngsters were selected among snowboarders under 16 years old. Young talents who achieved a high level in riding received support from Burton and were brought up as professional riders. About 8 kids from different cities of Russia aged 10 to 16 took part in the program every season. During the project from 2010 to 2013, the young team won many prizes in international competitions, the riders increased their level of riding and came into the professional sport. Some members of Burton Youngsters are still the strongest snowboarders of Russia.
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Riglet Park

Burton believes that the taste of snowboarding should be cultivated in childhood, because it’s not just a sport, it's a lifestyle. Riglet Park is the first free project for kids from 3 to 6 where they can try the snowboard for the first time. The equipment is selected and given out directly at the playground, so each child has the opportunity to make his first line in the park. With the help of professional instructors, young riders pass several circles on specially designed features riding on mini boards with a tape on the nose, with which you can pull a child on a snowboard like on a sled. Since the beginning of the project in 2014, 6340 kids tried the snowboard for the first time.
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GoPro School

An educational project for everyone who wants not only to learn how to shoot with GoPro cameras, but also to create impressive photos and videos by a couple of clicks. The project, where professional cameramen and extreme lovers shared their skills and lifehacks, captivates the process of video filming and inspired participants to experiment with the camera. Different learning formats make it interesting and useful both for the beginners and professional GoPro users.
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The Stash

Literally, Stash means a secret spot in the forest for the most fearless riders. Unique snowboard parks, where all the features are made from natural materials, were created by Burton only at 6 resorts in the world - in the USA, France, New Zealand and Austria. The seventh was built by YUMA in Russia, at the mountain resort "Rosa Khutor."
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13 Parks Tour

Probably the most ambitious project  by YUMA. A unique snowboarding competition tour in slope style discipline for amateurs, organized and held on a professional level. Inspired by Burton and international competitions like the X-Games, Burton Open, DEW Tour. All cities of Russia fought for the opportunity to be one of 13 participants. 39 parks were built for 3 years during the project by the best snowboard park companies such as SPT and Unit Park Tech. The foreign experts were invited by YUMA. From Murmansk to Kamchatka, each competitor could feel the spirit and quality of world-class competitions in their city.
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Burton x Gorky Park City Spot

It was a pop-up idea to create a snowboarding playground in the city. The project was developed by YUMA in 2012 and in the same year it was born in a mini format at the FLACON design factory. In 2013, the world's largest and only city spot, operating throughout the winter season, appeared in the central park of Moscow, Gorky Park. Foreign park construction experts brought in by YUMA made the city-spot completely safe and accessible for snowboarders of all level, so every snowboard fan had an opportunity to pump his skill and spend time doing his favorite activity without leaving the city.
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